caddy smelled like trees (starmiranda) wrote in spokanecrafty,
caddy smelled like trees

diy stationery!

I recently made some stationery out of these cute flash cards I found at a thrift store a few weeks ago. I pasted some of my favorites onto pieces of paper & made copies & cut them in half & now I have a ton of cute stationery! Awesome!

Fun! I am hoping to make some other projects out of the flash cards, too &hearts

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these are so wonderful! what a great, creative idea!
thanks, dear :) i was so glad to find those flash cards
I love those! Great idea! I always need stationery, but don't want to buy it. I never thought of making my own...
Thanks! :) I was really excited to find those cute flash cards.
They're definitely a great find! But I can't figure out what they were originally for. They don't seem quite right for teaching reading.
I was wondering that, too! I'm not sure
We love different stationery too! I'm into digital or computer stationery right now. Let's me use my computer as my hand writing just isn't what it use to be. I can also eMail it and get it there the same day.

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